Semana 16: Flat tires and all that jazz


So, finding investigators is very difficult. Our mission has a thing called “4 by Thursday, and 7 by Sunday”, as well as a program called “Family at 5 Friday.” We only hit both of those goals two weeks ago. This week we found some people who were “elect” for 5 hours, and then they texted us and dropped us. Not fun at all. So, we are back into square one; finding people to teach!

In our mission, door approach starts with a prayer. After the prayer, if they feel the spirit, we have a scale of electness before we actually start teaching them. We start off by inviting them to be baptized, which shows a desire to make covenants. We then set up a return appointment, which shows that they desire to learn how to change (we focus the lessons on change and repentance before baptism. The details are taught after baptism). We then commit them to come to church, which shows they are committed to act. It is called the 1-2-3 Scale of Electness. If they fail in any of these three categories, they aren’t ready yet and we do not go back. We give them an official baptism date by the second lesson.

The people we found whole-heartedly accepted all three things: baptism and a return appointment and church, which qualified them to be elect investigators. But then by the end of they day they had called or texted us saying that they were no longer interested in the message and that they didn’t want us to come back.  People do that a lot, actually.

I have all of my skill points into teaching, but I have none in door-knocking endurance (we have a knocking requirement of at least 1 hour every day, we can do more if we desire). Elder Allred has more skill points into door approaches than teaching, and so we have been using that to our advantage. Still, we are not finding any keepers.

My story for the week: We went to an area that was far away from our home and from our next appointments. We finished up our knocking and went to see an investigator. They canceled on us, and so we went to the car to go finding near our next appointment. As I back Elder Allred out, I see that one of our tires is flat! Like, no air left! Just rubber!

We pull into the closest guest spot (this was at an apartment complex), and call our Vehicle Coordinator. He started to walk us through it, but then we realize that…we do not have the lug-nut wrench! It was missing! So, we did the best thing we could do: knock doors for help. The problem was that we had just finished our knocking at that complex. Everyone knew we were Mormon missionaries, and that we were knocking on their door less than a half hour earlier. And so they did what most people would do: they didn’t answer or they yelled at us through the door. One person answered their door, but they didn’t have the wrench. We finally pinned someone down in the parking lot, and he was kind enough to give us his wrench (we did return it). I did most of the work on the tire because…well…I insisted. It was my first real time being a “grease monkey.” Here is a tip: Turn on your E-Brake before you jack up the car. Elder Allred forgot to, and so the car rolled back and got the jack stuck sideways. We had to lower it as far as it could go to get it out and start over again. It took us 45-60 minutes to change it, but it was freaking awesome!

Not much else happened. Have a great week guys!

Con Amor,

Elder Osborne


Feliz Navidad! Us with Bishop and “Sister Bishop” 🙂


Finding where to put the jack.


Jacking up the car.


What an adventure.


My comp taking selfies while I work.




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