Semana 14: Rain for days!

Nothing much has happened since last week. After Anci was baptized, he moved from our “Progressing Investigators” pool to our “Less Active/Recent Converts” pool. Our investigator pool went from 1 to 0, and so we spent a ton of this week finding. We didn’t find that many people this week that were interested in even a prayer, so…yeah no mucho esta semana.

It rained a ton this week! Like, we got text messages saying ” be careful of flooding” IN FLORIDA! It rained for 3 days straight! I got some pictures of it.

Fun stuff; I got to play an Organ Last Night!!! YAYAYAY!!!!! We went to one of our churches to see the Christmas Devotional, but no one was there (it turns out that the Elders in that church changed their plans last minute and did not tell us.) So, while we waited, I got to play a few songs on the organ.  I don’t think I did it right, but I made it through “Silent Night” and “Nearer, My God, To Thee” with both keyboards and the foot pedals. I am so happy right now!     😀   😀   😀

That is about it for this week. We do not have many pictures this week because of the amount of rain.  We were basically swimming in the rain, but President Richardson said that it wasn’t swimming, so we are still keeping the rules.     😉

Con mucho amor,

Elder Osborne


Rainy days!


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