Semana 13: La Prima Bautismo!

We had our first baptism in the Cypress Creek ward since earlier this year!! YAY! Remember Anci, from last week? He did it!

Last Tuesday, we took Anci to the temple. We walked around the grounds and talked about the temple. He wanted to go in so bad! That is where it took off for him. We went over the questions on Wednesday, interviewed on Friday, met with him on Saturday (best quote: “I’m ready to take the plunge”), and baptized and confirmed him Sunday afternoon.  President gave the consent to do a Water-side Confirmation since it was right after Church and most of the ward was there. He is preparing to receive the Aaronic Priesthood next week, and then do baptisms for the dead the next Tuesday in the temple! After the baptism, he said “My goal is to make it through ALL of the temple.” This is the mark of the elect. Oh, and the baptism was done by yours truly. I had to do it twice because I forgot a word the first time…but it was still awesome! Well…I forgot an extra shirt, so that was quite humid, but HEY! Who cares!


At the Temple with Anci.

DSCF6599 (1)

Great day for Anci!


Baptism day!


We did the baptism at the bishop’s new house in his pool.  Our building is a rented out Baptist building, so we don’t have a font.  The ward is good, but it is really small.  We spent most of my first transfer trying to find less active members who would want a message.  We only have five less active members/recent converts that want us.  We are working hard with meeting with the ward to find people to teach, but we haven’t received any referrals yet.  The ward likes us and trusts us, but they are just too afraid to open their mouths.  We are trying to visit with as many members as we possibly can.

This is my second holiday in the mission (not including Veterans Day, simply because my companion refuses to count that one.) It was quite…interesting. We spent a lot of time finding.  We had transfers the day before, and so we met with our new district early in the day.  Later we had dinner with a Latino family and it was awesome!  They didn’t do much of a Latino twist on the meal, which I was hoping for.  They just added spices to the stuffing.  I didn’t eat as much as I am used to eating at Thanksgiving, but Elder Allred was feeling sick all night.

We did meet a few J-Dubs (most of them were really nice people), Hebrew Israelites (a lot of them were also nice people), and grumpy old white ministers who wanted to bash with us (not as many nice people). We also met a really nice Muslim guy. We can’t teach or baptize any Muslims without consent from Pres. Monson (for the safety of both the church members and the Muslim himself, because the family could very well try to kill him and members of the church if he joined. Cool experience: Elder Allred almost baptized a Muslim once.) I have met members of almost every religion except for Buddhist. I met a Hindu a few weeks ago, and she quickly denied us. I love meeting people of different religions! They are awesome people sometimes! (Not all the time because, like normal people, some are not nice.)

Well…that is it. Nothing else is going on. We are knocking doors for at least 2 hours every day, and still haven’t found people.  Hopefully everything goes better this week. Have fun, guys!

Elder Osborne

DSCF6581 (1)

Fort Lauderdale Temple


We had an epic sword battle this week!


Elder Allred was stalking me in this picture.


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