Semana 12!

This is it: my first transfer out in the field. Disclaimer: A transfer is a 6 week period in the mission. A trainee (me) normally stays with their trainer for 12 weeks, or 2 transfers. I am not getting transferred at this time. I am going to be counting my weeks differently at this point. When you enter the MTC, that is the start of your 2 year mission. So, by translation, I have been a missionary for 12 weeks, or 3 months. I still feel green, yet I also feel a smidge more experienced than I get credit for. It’s not like anything is different between a new or old elder. Well…actually…greenies have to add one extra hour to their morning routine, and this is the killer hour! ARGH! (I am a pirate since I live by the ocean.   XD  )

The past few weeks have been a bit difficult; our purpose is to find, teach, and baptize, and right now, our Area Machine (that is what we call it) is having trouble processing anything to the teaching stage. We have one investigator (who I will talk about in a minute), and we have not been having much success anywhere else. I’m trying to find the loose screw or the rusty gear, but so far we have not found it. (After explaining this allegory to my companion, he asked if I was into the Steampunk genre… and I think I am after getting asked that.)

Our only investigator right now is Anci. And BOY is he SOLID! Anci is 32 and retired military (14-15 years; about 5 in Marines and 7 in Army. He served in Iraq for one tour.) He is currently in school, living with his mother, and is on Medical Funds (has PTSD bad and has other health problems). Our first time meeting with him, he talked about how he thinks that Jesus only watches him because he (Anci) is a troublemaker. He’s been to church twice, and his testimony has grown so much. Last night, he shared how much he has felt God’s love for him, and he was almost in tears. He is solid for baptism on November 28 or 29. Our chapel doesn’t have a font, but the Bishop does have a swimming pool. However, he is still moving, and so we may end up doing a baptism and waterside confirmation on Sunday the 29.

Nothing much is going on. We OYM (Open Your Mouth, or contact on the street) at least 10 people every day. We are planting a lot a seeds. I may not be here when they sprout, but we are at least showing people that 1: Mormons are regular people, and 2: that we are not Jehovah’s Witnesses. MY GOSH! One out of every 5 doors we knock think we are JWs (or, as we call them, J-Dubs).  Also, although we haven’t gotten a lot about the new handbook change, we do get a lot of the Book of Mormon musical and the South Park Mormon Special stuff a lot. We are just normal people who love Jesus!

We get to have Thanksgiving dinner with some members who are Latino, and so I will get a twist on it this year . They are inviting all of their Spanish friends and neighbors, and I am really looking forward to it!

I would recommend having everyone read “His Grace is Sufficient” by Brad Wilcox.  (Thank you mom.   🙂   ) I have learned so much from that talk, and it has strengthened my testimony of the savior and His grace.  Also, it talks about the piano. WHICH I AM FINALLY PLAYING! I have been recruited to play the piano for the Primary Christmas Program! YES!!!! Now I have an excuse to play the piano. They also want me to play for church, but they still don’t send me the hymn numbers before church, so I can’t practice them.

I think I may have a minor case of ADD after proof reading this email…but I cannot help it. If you see me in person, I am not naturally like this. I am more laid-back. Yet I cannot keep it in. I am having so much fun. This is probably the hardest work I have ever done. It may not be the hardest physical work, but it is the hardest work that requires mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical endurance.

Quote for the week:
“It is true intelligence for a man to take a subject that is mysterious and great in itself, and to unfold and simplify it so that a child can understand it.”

–President John Taylor

That is it for this week. Until next time!

Con Amor,

Elder Osborne

I the computer I am using refuses to read my SD card, so I can’t do pictures this week.   😦    Sorry!


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