Week 4!!! or, is this like, week 10????

Hola familia, amigos, y todos las personas!!!

Nothing much happened this week (I do not have any pictures this week, but I will have a TON next week; we are doing something awesome today!!!! But…we wanted to email first, so next week!)

I have two funny stories right off the bat:

Elder Allred (my companion) and I were knocking doors, and this older man passes behind us with his dog. No one answered the door, and so we start talking to him before he walked off. When he started talking, we could tell he was gay. Like, the typical gay guy stereotype talking to me about his church called (seriously) ….Sunshine Cathedral.  (Best church name EVER!!!!) He wouldn’t stop talking! We were talking to this guy for, like, 15 minutes!! Best line: “I can walk into my church wearing high-heels and a thong and no one questions it!” In the car home, Elder Allred was still shell-shocked. I was busting out so hard!!!!!! This experience made my day!!  It was one of my favorite contacting experiences so far!!

Later that night, Elder Allred and I picked up food from a member. We were leaving, but he needed to use the bathroom. This was in an apartment complex. Luckily, there was a “public” bathroom close to us. The guy opened the door for us (the bathrooms were locked unless unlocked by a manager) and said, “We always support our local Jehovah’s Witnesses!” (J-dubs man…they are everywhere. Everyone either doesn’t know who we are, or they think we’re J-dubs cause they keep bothering them.) The other manager said “No, those guys are Latter Day Saints.” Elder Allred perked up, and after he was done, we went over and talked to her. Some advice: Be careful about talking to an old black lady reading her bible. She went on about the Witch of Endor (this is story in the Bible. Look in 1 Samuel. btw, it is only, like, 4 verses. I remembered it from…somewhere. I knew the story a long time ago), and how you can only receive truth from the bible and without a denomination. The gay guy was a long conversation, but this was long and uninteresting. And completely false, incorrect, and contradictory. We left quite quickly after that.

This week has been difficult. We have been finding for 1 1/2 to 2 hours cada dia, and we actually lost investigators instead of finding them.  We had one investigator last week, but she dropped us on Tuesday (her friends gave her anti-Mormon stuff, and so…yeah.) She said she had a dream Sunday night after she prayed about it, and she said that the only thing she could remember was…fire. Her parents were also somewhat anti as well. After talking to her, we learned something: she was not reading the Book of Mormon by herself. She had read it with us, but she never read it by herself. What a shocker!! Well…we are still praying for her, and we are going to invite her to some of the Christmas stuff. (From what I heard, Christmas is the best time to find rich and less active people).

Oh, and I found this shop called “Grateful J’s!”   XD   XD   XD   (I can’t go in there though, it is a smoke shop.   😛  )

I am signing out for the day. Have fun! I want you all to do one thing for me: Pray for Lynn (the one that dropped us.) Pray for all of those people who are being prepared to receive the gospel. Pray for me.  Pray for my companion.  Pray for everyone we haven’t met yet.  Keep praying. Never cease to pray! If you do not pray for me or those others I mentioned, that is fine. But never go through the day without reading the scriptures and praying. You always need to do at least that. We teach the “primary answers” because those are the steps to Salvation. We teach these things to primary children because this is the time they have to be free from the influence of Satan. If we teach them what to do now, they will be much more prepared for when they are accountable.

Have a great week! Keep the faith, and do the basics!

Elder Osborne


One thought on “Week 4!!! or, is this like, week 10????

  1. What an interesting week. Sounds like you and your companion are being prepared for the next two years. You seem to be enjoying the interesting people you meet. We will be praying for you and those who are being prepared. Love to you from grandma and grandpa Hagel.


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