Week 3 in Florida, Two months down!

This week was quite rainy, and I did not have my camera for most of the week so it would not get ruined. So no pictures this week. (Sorry, mom.)

It is interesting what happens to you on your mission. I read my name on my scriptures on Thursday and thought “Who is Johnathan?” I remembered about 1 second later, but I have not used my first name in two weeks. I cannot remember!!! AUGH!!!!

Also, for the first time in my life, my fingers are going though Piano Withdrawal. I did not know that was a thing!! I saw a piano at the church, and I had to play it. I could not stop myself. Does this mean that I am addicted to pianos? If so, I need to talk to my Bishop and Mission President to get help!   XD   XD

As far as anything interesting for this week goes, I am not interesting. My life never was that interesting to begin with, but that seems to have carried on to my mission. I hate it!!! POR QUE?!?!?!?! Well, I have found out that I am one of the biggest nerds in the mission. When I went to school, I was in a dorm full of game, comic, movie, and book nerds. I researched stuff to keep up with them (in my spare time of course), and for some reason, I retained all of that information with me, so I can now keep up with the 3 Star Wars nerds in our district! I have no idea why I am like this. This is surprising to me, especially when you consider I remember everything from the Dark Crystal out of nothing (I only saw it once, yet I cannot forget about it. What the?!?!?!?!).

For Halloween, the ward had the Trunk-or-Treat at 5:30. We were not there for long though, because we had to be back in our house by 7:00. We went back home, ordered a pizza, and sat around all night (till 10:30) talking about Star Wars and Dark Crystal. We all have no idea how we got those topics, but we did and it was awesome. We also did this sitting around candle fire since we can’t do campfire.

As far as Christmas goes, I have not even thought about Christmas yet. Elder Allred and I have been singing Christmas Songs since day 1 (true story btw), but I have not thought about anything. So…si….

We’ve met a lot of good people, though. We met a few people that we taught the first lesson to, but they dropped us by the next lesson. We have one YSA girl that we are teaching, but she is starting to lose interest rapidly. She did come to church this Sunday, so that is really good. She left quickly, though, so I hope she felt the Spirit. We are meeting with her tomorrow.

Sorry, I have very limited time this week. They shortened our email time, so that is it for this week!

Love you all! Have a blessed week! Adios!

Elder Osborne


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