Week 4: The First (almost) Month!

We are on week 4!!!! Has it really been a month?  (Also, I can barely English right now, so perdon mi.)


Elder Scott passed away last Tuesday, so, because of that, the MTC shut down Monday morning for the funeral services, and all the missionaries got to watch!  It was a happy occasion.  And a 20 year trial deserves a joyful ending.  (Hopefully people won’t think I’m being disrespectful. Lo siento.)  Did you know that Elder Scott was the President of the Argentina (south?) Mission, and Elder Christofferson was a missionary in the same mission at the same time?!?! Did you know that when the Church made educational videos, Elder Scott did three versions: English, Spanish, and Portuguese?!?! He was an amazing man! He did amazing things!

A lot of the stuff is the same; we still have our three investigators, Victor, Alan, and Timoteo.  All three are opening up to the gospel.  Alan was the hardest, but we found the chink in his armor! We found what we can use to help him realize his need for the gospel! It’s weird; I’m trying to be a salesman, but also not to be a salesman.  Try to explain that one to people.


So I found out a struggle I have, a weakness.  It explains me really well.  People tell me that I am not confident or bold.  So, I try to be.  Well, when I do that, I end up sounding like Paul or Elder Holland (who is the Paul of this dispensation). The problem is, that only Paul and Elder Holland can speak like that and have people think that it’s okay.  If anyone else speaks like that it sounds harsh or rude. So, like everything else in my life, I am struggling to find the balance.

One example: One of the Elders in my district was talking about his friend, who only went on a mission because he felt forced to.  I boldly declared that this missionary was going out for the wrong reasons and that he would not be successful if he didn’t change his reasons for being there.  I was ridiculed for my heartless answer, only to be ridiculed again a few minutes later when I tried to be more understanding of someone else in the same predicament.  Either way, I cannot win.  Oh well.  Such is the curse of the quiet.  They speak boldly when they are impressed, but they speak so boldly that people take offense at what is said.  Pero esta bien.

Every time I testify with boldness, I feel more like Paul, who “was not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ.” I honestly feel a stronger deepening of my roots when I testify like that.  The struggle of not being too bold, however, can be daunting.

Also, I learned that as a missionary, I have the authority to promise blessings upon people when they do the right thing.  That is one reasons why missionaries can help convert; they have the authority to promise, and when people keep their promises, those blessings come.

I am starting to exercise more.  I’ve gained more weight that I would like.  I’m slowly working on it.  Our district tries to do stuff together, but some are more ripped than others.

About a week ago, I got a package from one of the Missionary Moms with a book of quotes.  I want to share one of my favorites with you:

“I firmly believe that any man’s finest hour, the greatest fulfilment of all that he holds dear, is that moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle–victorious.” (Vince Lombardi)

Yo sé que la iglesia is verdadero. Yo sé que José Smith fue un profeta de Dios, y que Thomas S. Monson es la profeta a Dios hoy. Yo sé que la Expiación es necesitado por nuestros salvación. Yo sé que la familia es eternal.

En el nombre de Jesucristo, Amén.

Elder Osborne

DSCN0077  DSCN0074


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