September 9, 2015: First P Day

Hi Mom.  It’s good to hear from you.  We get to print our emails off in the morning and it doesn’t count towards our email time.  We get them around 7:00am (Mountain Time), so if you could get them out by then for future reference, that would be great and much appreciated.

It has been a pretty good week.  We have two “investigators” so far (both speak fluent Spanish).  I can say that I have learned a lot more here at the MTC language wise than I ever have before.  I wish it could be better, of course, but so far it is going quite nicely.

We were told to “make it to Sunday,” and we would be good.  It turns out they were right; on Sunday we saw a talk by Elder Bednar: The Character of Christ.  I want you to send me that talk that you found that is similar to this one [we talked about it before he left] I want to read through it.  Maybe the Spirit will touch me again.  Anyways, the talk was amazing!  Honestly, just go on a couples mission just to hear that talk.  It will change your life.  I wanted to share my notes, but I can’t.  Everything I wrote down were things that the Spirit told me.  It was especially needed.

Last night we had Elder Causse from the Presiding Bishopric.  He talked about what we need as missionaries (i.e.: the Spirit), and then at the end he surprised everyone with a piano solo of “Come, Come Ye Saints!”  It was suuuuuuuuper cool!!!! No one had done that before!  I was really impressed.

I do not have any pictures yet.  I had to get an adapter for an SD card, and that took a while to locate at the MTC.  Our district is full of awsome Elders.  I’ll try to get a picture for you next week.  I hope that this is the worst companion that I have on my mission, because that will make all of my future companions super super cool.

I wish I could send individual letters, but there’s postage and the fact that we can only write them on Tuesday.  Still, getting letters is mas importante por mis sanity (spanglish is now my native language 🙂 ).  Mail is honestly really good for everyone here.  It was sad not seeing an email at 7:00 this morning [Mom emailed, but missed the print cut-off].  If you are willing to, could you ask everyone to send letters often? It would be much appreciated.

I love you and cannot wait to email you again!

Yo se que la iglesia es veredad y que Jesucristo es mi Salvador y Redentor.  Yo se que el Libro de Mormon es mas veredad.  Ye se que Dios y Jesucristo amore nuestros.  El amore nuestros mas.

En el nombre de Jesuchristo, amen.

Elder Osborne


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